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Ali Safina Hira Tareen engagement

Ali Safina and Hira Tareen are now Engaged

VJ, RJ and actor Ali Safina has finally engaged to model-actor Hira Tareen. Hira calls Ali her “best friend” and “one of the best human being,” annoncing the news on Facebook. “I am super happy especially after all the warm wishes from family and friends from all over the world. … Read more

Wedding Ceremonies in Pakistan

Marriage in Pakistan is a family event of happiness and festivity. The occasion of marriage brings together all the family members and neighborhood under one roof. A Pakistani marriage generally consists of four main ceremonies of nikah, mehndi, rukhsati and valima however; such smaller events like mangani (engagement), mayoun (applying … Read more

An account of “Engagement Ceremony” held in Karachi

A few months back I had an opportunity to visit an engagement ceremony of one of my male class-fellows who is now engaged to a junior student who was in the same institute where we all were studying. The engagement took place when we, as the senior batch graduated successfully … Read more