Funky stoles are big hit this season than dupattas

Funky stoles are big hit this season than dupattas

Warmly wrapped dupatta around swanky dress figures something that has stayed as tradition and requirement of Eastern women fashion trend for so long. Gradually with changing fashion trends dupatta has also undergone drastic changes in designs and shapes. Funky stoles are this season’s big hit than dupattas. They herald same … Read more

In competition with herself

Almost six feet in height, Shanaz Siddiq has to safeguard her reputation. She is the designer that the world-famous crystal people, Swarovski of Austria, handpicked out of the other Pakistani designers. This was in 1998, when the company wanted to introduce its ‘hot-fix’ crystals that could be used to embellish … Read more

An account of “Engagement Ceremony” held in Karachi

A few months back I had an opportunity to visit an engagement ceremony of one of my male class-fellows who is now engaged to a junior student who was in the same institute where we all were studying. The engagement took place when we, as the senior batch graduated successfully … Read more