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Tomato Orange Juice for Healthy Skin

Tomato Orange Juice for Healthy Skin

As you know tomato, orange and lemon are fruits with high Vitamin C. Besides, tomato and orange also provide Vitamin A which is good for healthy skin, hair and eye. Many believed that tomato orange juice is able to prevent acne and remove tiredness.
Ingredient to prepare Tomato Orange Juice :-

15x small tomato
2 Orange
1 big spoon of lemon juice

Green tea lowers cholesterol risk, but only a little

Drinking green tea appears to cut “bad” cholesterol while leaving levels of good cholesterol unchanged, and encouraging people to drink more of the beverage could have significant health effects, according to a study.
The finding may explain why green tea has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, write Xin-Xin Zheng and colleagues from Peking Union Medical College in Beijing.