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Tomato treat depression

How to Do a Tomato Facial

We all know tomatoes are healthy and delicious, but they’ve got a whole host of skin care benefits to boot. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, tomatoes are perfect for shrinking pores, fighting acne and soothing rashes. The moisture-rich fruit can also calm troubled skin, and its astringent properties remove excess … Read more

Meal Plan for Soup Diet

Meal Plan for Soup Diet to lose 10lbs in 10 days

Breakfast: This doesn’t necessarily have to be soup but if you really want to see results then opt for a variation of either: • Gazpacho-Style Soup • Very Quick Tomato Soup • Light Chicken Soup • Chinese Little Gem & Chicken/Tofu Soup Mid morning/ Early-lunch snack: Have a bowl or mug of … Read more

Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer fighting foods

A slew of research suggests that eating a nutritious diet rich in cancer-fighting fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices could be key to keeping the disease at bay. Luckily most of the best cancer-fighting foods are easily found in your local supermarket’s produce aisle. Here’s a grocery list to get you started: Cabbage, … Read more

Tomato Orange Juice for Healthy Skin

Tomato Orange Juice for Healthy Skin

As you know tomato, orange and lemon are fruits with high Vitamin C. Besides, tomato and orange also provide Vitamin A which is good for healthy skin, hair and eye. Many believed that tomato orange juice is able to prevent acne and remove tiredness.
Ingredient to prepare Tomato Orange Juice :-

15x small tomato
2 Orange
1 big spoon of lemon juice

Homemade Skin Lightener

Homemade Skin Lightener

Almond & Honey Recipe Almond is one of the best natural products that one can use for skin lightening, while honey works as a skin softener, emollient and humectant. For the purpose of this recipe, put ½ tablespoon of almond powder and 1 teaspoon of honey in a small bowl … Read more