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Helpful Benefits of Green Tea

Helpful Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea can boost your health in some pretty amazing ways. First of all, you need to know that it comes well recommended. The Chinese have been drinking this beverage for thousands of years — giving it a long and proven history as a health remedy. Modern research too has … Read more

Green tea lowers cholesterol risk, but only a little

Drinking green tea appears to cut “bad” cholesterol while leaving levels of good cholesterol unchanged, and encouraging people to drink more of the beverage could have significant health effects, according to a study.
The finding may explain why green tea has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, write Xin-Xin Zheng and colleagues from Peking Union Medical College in Beijing.

Simple Dietary Changes to Cut Your Cholesterol

Simple Dietary Changes to Cut Your Cholesterol

You should always take high cholesterol seriously. Even borderline-high cholesterol levels can elevate your risk of serious cardiovascular problems, including chest pain, heart attack and stroke. Before you jump to the use of radical treatments, such as lipid-lowering drugs, talk to your doctor about the benefits of dietary adjustments to … Read more

Foods that help to lower cholesterol

Rule of thumb:
Use the oil-grease analogy when you buy foods:
when you can see liquid oil, the food most likely will increase your good cholesterol
when food is solid and fat, without liquid oil (butter, cookies) they will increase your bad cholesterol
Diets for high cholesterol, that is: diets to lower cholesterol levels, should include lots of fruits and vegetables, replace meat with fish and use oil for