PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week Trends to take home

PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week Trends to take home

PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week marked the comeback of shalwars and short kameezes GOTA Since time immemorial, gota has been a natural ingredient of weddings but has been relegated to just mehendis or formal wear. During the PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week (PLBW), fashion sensation Nida Azwer ingeniously brought gota into the … Read more

Pakistani Fashion Weeks 2011 in Retrospect

Pakistani Fashion Weeks 2011 in Retrospect

The busy year 2011 on fashionscape of Pakistan is all about Bridal Fashion shows, fashion weeks and more fashion weeks. There were so many fashion weeks this year in Karachi and Lahore that I am sure designers need a break to revitalize their creativity.

Style 360 organized Bridal couture weeks both in Lahore and Karachi while PFDC has also contributed to host its 3rd and 4th edition of Fashion weeks in 2011. Karachi, Islamabad has seen their exclusive fashion weeks too. All in all it’s been a busy year for the designers in Pakistan.

Dedicated to country’s fashion fraternity here is our compilation to let you feel the intensity and charm of all those Bridal fashion weeks that has been now a part of our fashion history.

PLBW Day Two Where did the spark go

PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week Lahore 2011-2012 Day 2

If Day One at the Pakistan L’Oreal Bridal Week (PLBW) made one sit up and take notice, Day Two did the exact opposite and made you wish you hadn’t gotten out of bed to be a part of it. Lahore-based designer Fahad Hussayn’s edgy yet regal presentation, however, saved the … Read more

PFDC Fashion Week 2011

4th PFDC Fashion Week 2011 Day 4 Highlights

Republic – Blaak Chrome Republic is one male brand that isn’t afraid of going all out: cuts, colors and accessories, the collection had it all. Although Omar Farooq, the force behind Republic, isn’t a designer per se, the quality of his craftsmanship proves that sometimes a wild and ardent passion is … Read more

4th PFDC Fashion Week 2011 Day 3 Highlights

Yashir Waheed Back to Life From a seasoned designer like Yashir Waheed, one expects a greater emphasis on construction which his previous and current collections have sorely lacked. He attempts to go back to the soil and resurrect the rustic khaddar, a fabric that holds historic and political affiliation to … Read more

4th PFDC Fashion Week 2011 Day 2 Highlights

Sous Marine After a beautiful traditional showcase at the previous fashion week, Nikki Nina’s aquatic collection nosedived this time around. Poorly structured, ill-fitted and carrying large ungainly stains, the collection was a sad testimony to the fact that the duo needs to get their creative apprentice Mohsin Ali back. Screen … Read more

4th PFDC Fashion Week 2011 Day 1 Highlights

Pakistan Fashion Week opens with a burst of cuts, colours and a tinge of predictability. Mast Patang Akif Mahmood gained acclaim for bringing folk heritage onto the ramp and in the three seasons that he has shown so far, he stays true to that passion of creating themed collections focused … Read more

4th PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2011 begins in Karachi

Joining forces with the sixth Expo Pakistan being held in collaboration with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan at the Expo Centre, the fourth Pakistan Fashion Design Council-Sunsilk Fashion Week commenced on Thursday and will span four days covering designers from the fashion pool of the country. The Spring/Summer 2012 … Read more

Fashion Exclusive-The Ultimate Merger

Fashion Exclusive-The Ultimate Merger of PFDC and FP into All Pakistan Fashion Council

Day two of the PFDC Fashion Week 2011 has brought in startling news of the merger of the two fashion councils that represent the fashion industry in Pakistan, the Lahore based Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) and Karachi based Fashion Pakistan (FP). One Council To Represent All Chairperson of the … Read more