Detoxifying Fruit Diet Meal Plan

Detoxifying Fruit Diet Meal Plan

Detoxifying Fruit Diet Meal PlanThe following program has been crafted for three purposes: detoxification, healing and weight loss.  The end result should open the door to a fresh beginning and serve as a launching pad to a whole new approach to eating.  But before proceeding, if you have not read the article Fruit Diet, do so now.  It’s packed with vital information on why the fruit diet is so effective in accomplishing detoxification, healing and weight loss.

A Modified Fruit Diet Plan

Actually, this is going to be a modified version of the standard fruit diet.  While you will still eat an abundance of fruit, we are adding fresh vegetable juice and a daily tablespoon of flax oil.  You can substitute flax oil with hemp oil or other products that combine raw oils to produce a balance of the omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids.  Your local health food store will be able to assist you, and most grocery stores are now carrying these raw oils in their refrigerated health section.

Adding vegetable juice and a tablespoon of oil rich in essential fatty acids broadens the spectrum of nutrients you will be taking in without compromising calorie intake.  While fruits are rich in vitamins, vegetables are rich in minerals, and they both supply different forms of antioxidants and phytochemicals.  And for those of you concerned about the addition of 100 calories in oil, rest at ease—it has been shown that good oil actually helps reduce body fat.

How Long?
I am going to lay out a 30–day fruit diet plan, but this will also work for anyone who wants to undergo a shorter fruit diet.  Not everyone will be able to complete a 30–day fruit diet, especially for the first time.  You may want to set a goal that feels less daunting, like 7 or 10 days.  My suggestion is to keep your options open.  As I have said previously, the first three days are the hardest.  You may have set a goal of one week, but after going through those first three days, encounter smooth sailing and want to continue further.  It is not uncommon for people to enjoy their fast or fruit diet so much they simply stay on for the full 30 days.

Pick Good Fruit
There are cantaloupes and then there are cantaloupes.  I’m sure you have experienced the disappointment of slicing a cantaloupe in half only to find it is an unappealing color inside and is completely lacking that sweet smell that always promises delicious taste.  Depending on where you live, there are certain times of year that it can be almost impossible to find a good cantaloupe.  Remember, your fruit diet will only be as good as the fruit you’re eating, not just in nutrition but also in eating pleasure.  And eating pleasure may make the difference between whether you stay on your diet or quit out of boredom.  Spend a little more on good quality fruit, even if you have to search for a different grocery store that specializes in top-quality produce.  Also, try to eat what’s in season.

Top Fruits to Eat during a Fruit Diet
In choosing fruit, emphasize eating low-acid fruits like melons.  If citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit are in season, then choose the sweetest.  At the start, eating a lot of fruit may cause some diarrhea. In time, the body will grow accustomed to fruit’s cleansing properties.  Fruits high in vitamin C and citric acid are powerful detoxifiers. The absence of mucus-forming foods allows the lymph glands a chance to detoxify.

The First Three Days
All right, let’s get started.  For the first three days, eat as much fruit as you desire, with the addition of two tall glasses of vegetable juice with a tablespoon of good oil mixed in.  Do not limit your intake of fruit for the first three days.  Eating as much as you want will help curb the temptation to quit, which is strongest in the beginning, due to dealing with cravings and hunger.  It is better to eat more during these times than to quit, so enjoy. 

I suggest you stock up on your favorite fruits and make sure they’re prewashed and close at hand.  If you are working, pack lots of fruit like bananas and grapes, as they are filling and satisfying.  The last thing you want to do is run out of fruit at work—that’s when you will be tempted to quit.

The Remainder of Your Fruit Diet
There is beauty in simplicity, and this diet is very simple.  Forget the idea of three meals a day—it does not apply to a fruit diet. 

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