Baby Hair Accessories

Kids Hair Accessories Ideas While selecting baby hair accessories, opt for only those that fit easily on her hair and are not too tight. Also look for options that do not keep slipping off all the while. Try to go for reputed brands that use soft and safe products. Here … Read more

Uses Of Baby Powder

Uses Of Baby Powder

*Ants cannot bear baby Powder, so, it can be used as an effective remedy for pest infestation caused by ants. Simply sprinkle baby powder in all those areas from where ants come in or frequent. The ants won’t cross over the baby powder. *Rubbing baby powder in the furs of … Read more

Zeba Bakhtiar – A Constant Struggle

From a cherubic face in “Anarkali” to “The Best Newcomer Female” at the famous FilmFare Awards. From one broken marriage to another. From the director of a Nigar Award nominee for Best Film (Babu) to a normal human being who hates to school in this unbearable heat. Zeba Bakhtiar is … Read more