Tools You Need for Your Makeup Application

There are so many different beauty and makeup tools on the market and it can become confusing what brush, sponge or stick to use for what. This article will look at just a handful of tools. Over time you will find out the ones that work for you. You can … Read more

DIY: Make Your Own Berry Lip Gloss At-Home (4 Simple Steps!)

Make Your Own Berry Lip Gloss At Home

With Fall rolling in, we’re reminded that cold dry months–and even dryer lips–aren’t far behind. If you want to pamper your lips and look pretty, try a berry gloss! It’ll warm up your entire complexion. Here’s an at-home recipe make your own strawberry lip gloss that looks and tastes delicious!
What You’ll Need:
6-8 strawberries (If you prefer a deeper color cranberries are great, too)
1 tiny of drop berry-red food coloring