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Basic Steps for Cooking Tempura

Basic Steps for Cooking Tempura

Common Ingredients for Tempura: Shrimp / Squid / Green pepper / Eggplant / Sweet potato / Potato / Cabocha (Japanese pumpkin) /Carrot / Shiitake Mushrooms / Renkon (lotus roots) Basic Steps for Cooking Tempura:  1. Prepare the ingredients. (Cut into 3/4 inch in thickness. *See Tip 5 and 6) 2. … Read more

Bread – The Staff of Life

Bread, this ubiquitous basic food, is the forebear of all prepared foods. It is the foundation of cooking, as we know it, and in many countries represents one of the pillars of nutrition and gastronomy. For a Middle Eastern, a meal without bread is unthinkable. Yet many nations use rice … Read more