Natural Herbs Indigestion

5 Herbs To Soothe Indigestion

We all do it. In fact, overindulgence seems to be the word of the day during the holiday season, especially when that day is Thanksgiving. Even if we try to restrain ourselves, temptation strikes. When else during the year do we have a half dozen desserts and at least that many side dishes, just waiting, … Read more

Foods to prevent insomnia

What to Eat to Cure Insomnia

These natural foods that promote relaxation might be just the ways to fall asleep. Whole Grains Oatmeal, whole-grain cereals and breads, and other complex carbohydrates increase production of serotonin, a kind of chemical lullaby, if you will. Serotonin slows nerve activity, calming the brain and spreading a “feel-good” message throughout your … Read more

Natural Home Remedies for Calluses and Corns

Safe home remedies for painful corns and calluses include tea, cornstarch, and vinegar. For more details on how these everyday items can help your sore feet, read on. Baking soda. One of the best ways you can treat corns and calluses is with a warm-water soak. This loosens the dead … Read more

Pink eye( Ashob Chasham)- Viral conjunctivitis Home Remedies

Our windows to the world are two delicate and complex organs. If they’re not looked after, they can saddle you with a host of problems, like irritation, dryness, eye infections, cataract and even blindness. Not only this, certain eye conditions can indicate if something’s gone wrong in some other part … Read more

Chamomile Foot Soak

Chamomile- A treat for your feet

What a wonderful way to take the aches and pains of throbbing, sore feet away. Are your feet sore after a busy day? Try soaking your feet in a chamomile foot soak.
Chamomile Foot Soak
1 tbls Epsom salt
1 tbls baking soda
3 drops chamomile oil or a chamomile tea bag
Chamomile Foot Soak with Eucalyptus Oil

Herbs that are good for cleansing and healing the skin

Herbs that are good for cleansing and healing the skin. Since ancient times, women have turned to the bounties of nature to help increase their own beauty. The ancient Romans used beauty packs of eggs and honey (amongst others), and Egyptians are well-known for their use of oils and perfumes. … Read more