Why All Calories Are Not the Same

Why All Calories Are Not the Same

Robert Lustig, MD, explains why all calories are not created equal. Cutting-edge experts say the “calories in, calories out” philosophy is oversimplified and inadequate. Quality of calories determines the quantity your body burns or stores, says Robert Lustig, MD, author of the recently published book Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, … Read more

Increase Bone Health with Super foods

A common misconception is that your bones are strengthened only from calcium. This is not completely true. Calcium does strengthen bones; however, super foods play a huge role in your bone health. Eating a healthy diet also helps in the prevention of osteoporosis, a painful disease where your bones deteriorate … Read more

9 super foods for the mom-to-be

From the earliest stages of pregnancy through the nine months that follow, your growing baby depends on you for shelter and nourishment. Amazing growth is occurring. In just the first trimester, your baby will grow from a single cell to an easily recognizable fetus approximately 3 inches long comprised of billions of cells. As your baby grows, your blood volume increases, your uterus will expand and you will go through changes that might feel like they are taking all the energy you have.

Eating for Energy? Healthy Snacks are a Must

Guess what, chocolate lovers: There is room in the diet for a candy bar now and then. But Sandy Procter, a registered dietitian with Kansas State University Research and Extension, says that for a better, more regular energy boost, people should make healthy eating part of an everyday lifestyle. People … Read more