Iftar & Sehri Deals 2013- Restaurants Offering Iftar & Sehri in Karachi

Iftar and Sehri, the rituals of holy month of Ramadan are celebrated by food joints across the city to attract customers. Here is a drop down of the restaurants offering Sehri and Iftaari in Karachi during Ramadan 2013 compiled by Karachisnob.



SEHRI: To be announced



SEHRI: To be announced

Basic Steps for Cooking Tempura

Basic Steps for Cooking Tempura

Common Ingredients for Tempura: Shrimp / Squid / Green pepper / Eggplant / Sweet potato / Potato / Cabocha (Japanese pumpkin) /Carrot / Shiitake Mushrooms / Renkon (lotus roots) Basic Steps for Cooking Tempura:  1. Prepare the ingredients. (Cut into 3/4 inch in thickness. *See Tip 5 and 6) 2. … Read more

Foods for Detoxing and Beauty by Celebrity Nutrionist Kimberly Snyder

1. Celery. The organic potassium in celery is an important electrolyte that helps facilitate cellular cleansing. An easy and inexpensive way to maintain ongoing detoxification and our ideal fluid levels! Snack on celery sticks, add to salads, or put into Green Smoothie. 2. Figs. An excellent blood purifier. Since blood … Read more

Meal Plan for Soup Diet

Meal Plan for Soup Diet to lose 10lbs in 10 days

Breakfast: This doesn’t necessarily have to be soup but if you really want to see results then opt for a variation of either: • Gazpacho-Style Soup • Very Quick Tomato Soup • Light Chicken Soup • Chinese Little Gem & Chicken/Tofu Soup Mid morning/ Early-lunch snack: Have a bowl or mug of … Read more

Brand new weight-loss diets for 2013 2

Brand new weight-loss diets for 2013 – Part 2

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Brand new weight-loss diets for 2013

Brand new weight-loss diets for 2013 – Part 1

Another year, another New Year’s resolution. This year we’re determined to shed those stubborn extra pounds and we know we’re not alone. Research has found that 72% of us start 2013 unhappy with our weight. We’ve tried a lot of the weight-loss diets out there – Atkins, Blood-type, even the Baby Food diet, but now we want … Read more