Reduce weight in three simple ways

Weight reduction is not an easy task, especially for those with sedentary lifestyle and excessive fat tissues. Given hare are three techniques that are best known to be highly effective to get rid of obesity. Those who wish to gain and maintain an ideal body weight have to bring some … Read more

Do Not Drink Diet Soda If You Want to Lose Weight

Do Not Drink Diet Soda If You Want to Lose Weight

Many people drink diet sodas with every meal. Can it disastrous to your weight loss efforts? Sugar is Addictive We have been conditioned to equate sweet taste with celebration, happiness, and enjoyment. As parents, we promise children candies, chocolates and cakes for agreeing to do something important, but unpleasant: be … Read more

The Lemon Diet Day 7

Eat natural foods Today, go wholemeal and whole grain. Why? Whole grains, whole wheat and wholemeal foods are packed with nutrients that are essential for health and weight loss: fiber, vitamins and minerals. They don’t contain any hidden sugars or artificial substances that hinder digestion, overload your liver and stop … Read more

Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers for Weight Loss

Don’t just say you want to lose weight as your New Year’s resolution, make these easy changes to your pantry. 1. Portion nuts in snack-sized bags. Sure, you know that nuts are a healthy snack — we’ve certainly recommended eating these crunchy taste treats often enough throughout this book. Here’s … Read more